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The valley of Alojera is very wide and limited by more 1000m mountains to the east.

For better orientation click on "Panorama" picture at right. The Numbers in this picture are explainded below:
The houses are scattered around a little plaza (7) with a church, school and a bar /restaurant.

The plaza is located about 250 m above the sea level.

The "Casa Vitoria" (1) and "Casa Tia Rita" (2) are situated below the plaza with view to the ocean in the direction of La Palma. Casa Sola (3) is located at a small footpath.

The apartments "Palmeros" (4) and "Cabana" (5) are located just approx.100 m away from the plaza. You walk along a footpath underneath old palmtrees and between agricultural terrasses.
"Vista Mar 1+2" and "Playa" are located directly at the beach at the end of the road.
Distance plaza - beach approx.1 kilometer.
How to travel to Alojera:

*    Flight to Teneriffa (International Airport Tenerife Sur). 
*    Taxi to Los Christianos harbour (puerto) ca. 15
*    Ferry to San Sebastian de Gomera
*    Several connections per day, last ferry around 8 p.m..
     Reservation not nessecary
*    Taxi to Alojera (caution: do not drive to
*    Bus once a day from Vallehermoso to Alojera
*    You can rent a car for your journeys in Alojera
*    Scenic journey along the mountain road through the
     rain forrest of 1 hour to Alojera
*    In Alojera turn left at a roundabout and drive into village
     and the plaza
*    From the plaza follow blue signs "Casa rural Ossorio"
     to my house (6)


Roundabout in Alojera
(Click on fotos to enlarge)


Plaza and school

Footpath to my house