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Welcome to La Gomera

We rent apartments and houses for more than 30 years
in Alojera.

Alojera is one of the most beautiful and quietest villages
of Gomera. Its located in a wide green valley in the northwest and stretches from the coast to about 400m above sea level. Alojera is situated between Valle-
hermoso in the north and Valle Gran Rey in the south. There are no hotels but only a few private
accomodations. Our houses and appartments are
located in the quiet western part of the village and the Playa. At the lower part of the village there is a
small beach with black sand - all year swimming is possible. There are 2 little restaurants and several shops. No bank. Ideal for hiking and families. Not recomended
for people with a mobility handicap.

Good cell phone coverage in the village for example Movistar.

Free Wifi in all houses.


Elsa Ossorio

Nicolas Ossorio

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